Music videos

Since I started filming, I have always been part of the Panamanian Rock scene. I’ve shot 30 or more music videos, most of them to support the art and national rock.

Actually, my first award was for a music video! I consider myself a filmmaker who works a lot with sound, including music. I think it’s as important as the visual aspect. My cinema has a lot of that musical influence, and it’s clear where it is from. I’ve been away from music videos for a while to focus on my documentaries and movies. But now we are back with the music video for our horror movie “The Sacrifice”.

Cabeza de Martillo-Mantra

Official soundtrack of the film THE SACRIFICE, Produced and composed by Hammerhead.

Nightwalkers-Plan Ancestral

New single from Nightwalkers 2022. The personal experience of the members of the group during the Pandemic.

Polyphase Band-Do you want to?

Music video of the Panamanian rock band that seeks to raise awareness about bullying and its problems in schools.

Llevarte a Marte-Chance

One of the best songs of this legendary Panamanian rock band.


A very simple but deep and elegant music video.

Cabeza de Martillo-Vencer o Morir

A harsh critique through Rock Metal of government corruption.

Cienfue-Medio Alcohólico Melancólico

Filmed in 2006, underwater in the Pearl Islands. The video positioned the artist internationally.

Cienfue-La Isla del Diablo

Filmed in 2006 for the Official Soundtrack of Alberto Serra’s first documentary “La Isla del Diablo”.

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My first award was for a music video at the PANAMA ROCK awards.

Otros proyectos

Me he tomado mis años para crear mi propia formula creativa