Sin Voz

This project tells the story of Adela, an indigenous girl who escapes her town after being abused by a family member. After this event, Adela arrives to a house of Catholic nuns, where she meets María Alejandra, a young altruist and volunteer.

The Project

Eleven years ago, a friend of mine told me a very personal experience that happened to her during her volunteering social works with young kids. The story left me perplexed and I thought that it was time for me to make my first dramatic feature film. Without knowing really what I was getting into, it took us 8 years to get to its filming, without resources, without a budget, we developed a movie that transformed in a national campaign against child abuse and human trafficking.

Genre: Drama

Length: 88 minutes.

Picture Format: HD 1920 x 1080.

Language: Spanish.

Country: Panama.


A very personal experience

Me he tomado mis años para crear mi propia formula creativa