Treasure hunters

The Dr. Wilhelm Brock, a pre-columbian treasure hunter, experimented but never successful, is following the trail of the legendary and slippery treasure of Oromec located in Panama. Finding the missing clue causes him a heart crisis. His daughter, Johanna, tries to sell a ship to pay for his surgery. With a lack of buyers, she joins her adoptive son, Michael, and the historian Christian, to find the treasure. However, Wilhelm’s rich old partner, Carlos Ortega, has found out about his fate and won’t be stopped by anything.

The project

A feature film for the German television channel 2DF, alongside with the production house Polyphon, filmed in 16mm, it was a project that also came to us to provide them with our production services and I was also assigned as the director of the second aquatic unit.

Genre: Adventure

Length: 89 minutes

Language: German

Country: Panama & Germany


A treasure hunter story

Me he tomado mis años para crear mi propia formula creativa