La Fuerza del Balón

The path for a football selection has never been more difficult. Since big social issues, to criminal gangs, and a lack of infrastructure, are some of the obstacles in the path faced by a group of players that went to the Russian World Cup 2018.

The project

It took me about four years to finish this documentary, which was awarded with the Paladino de Oro in Italy; the oldest and most prestigious sports film festival in Europe, establishing a record of the project with more nominations (9 in total), in almost every category. I saw in my country the tough path of the athletes who want to achieve a professional level and I took the decision of portraying it so that the entire world would understand and live it.


Genre: Documentary

Length: 70 minutes.

Picture Format: HD 1920 x 1080.

Language: Spanish.

Country: Panama.


a hard way to go

Me he tomado mis años para crear mi propia formula creativa