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Dr. Adán Ríos

The story of the least trodden path narrates us about the Dr. Adán Ríos’s life; a Panamanian whose life full of experiences and unexpected turns would put him to the test to out do himself until becoming one of the most recognized physicians in the United States and the world. From selling rice in his family’s store, to being rejected by his own country, finding opportunities abroad, becoming the developer of important investigations and advances in medicine, preparing a world boxing champion, being seated alongside General Torrijos in a historic moment, being the physician in charge of the healthcare of the last Shah of Iran, athlete, music producer, entrepreneur, poet, and family man. This documentary tells us the story of a man that took the least trodden path and, thanks to that, he was able to reach the stars.

The project

This documentary was co-produced with the local television channel TVN, which aimed to stand out and show to the world the story of a Panamanian that got out from the toughest neighborhoods to become one of the most outstanding and awarded physicians in the United States. His story comprises the development of an AIDS vaccine, radical changes in cancer treatments, the importance of attending to the Shah of Iran’s healthcare when many wanted him dead, the challenge that meant helping George Foreman achieve the title of heavy weight champion, and most impressive of all, being able to impart to the world, and specially to his patients, a human quality that is nowhere to be found nowadays.

Genre: Documentary 

Length: 60 minutes.

Picture format: HD 1920 x 1080.

Languages: English & Spanish.

Country: Panama

Content: Abstract Reenactings, Interviews, Stock Footage, Support Art Material.


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